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List of Services:

Field of Specialization for Pile foundation testing services, Concrete & Metal Non destructive Testing
UMD  provides professional engineering testing services and meets the demands for testing services at
various stages for construction of infrastructure of all kind: from commercial buildings, private buildings
to extending the network of roads, railroads, marine ports, jetties, airports, power plants, industrial
plants. The testing services of those infrastructure calls for experienced professional in the area of Civil
Engineering. Our focus will be the private, commercial and government sector market in all the parts of
1. Pile Foundation & Testing Services:
1.1 Low Strain Integrity Testing on Piles as per ASTM 5882
1.2 High Strain Dynamic Testing on Piles as per ASTM 4945
1.3 Static Vertical Compression Pile Load Test as per IS 2911 (Part 4) 2013
1.4 Static Lateral Pile Load Test as per IS 2911 (Part 4) 2013
1.5 Static Pull out Pile Load Test as per IS 2911 (Part 4) 2013
1.6 Standard Penetration Test (SPT)
1.7 DMC & Hydraulic Piling (JV)

2. Non Destructive Testing of Concrete Structures & Bridge Structures:
2.1 Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test as per IS:13311 (Part I) 1992
2.2 Rebound Hammer Test as per IS:13311 (Part I) 1992
2.3 Electrochemical Half-cell Potentiometer Test as per ASTMC-876-80
2.4 Cover Meter Test as per BS: 1881 (Part 204) 1988
2.5 Carbonation Test as per BS: 1881 (Part 201) 1986
2.6 Concrete Core Extraction and Testing as per IS 516 1959

3. Geotechnical Investigation for Highways, Bridges and Buildings

4. Non Destructive Testing of Metal:
4.1 Ultrasonic Testing (UT), including C-scan, dye penetration, Immersion (IUT), Phased Array
4.2 Eddy Current Testing (ET)
4.3 Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) and Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
4.4 Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)
4.5 Visual and Optical Testing (VT)
4.6 ASNT Level III and Level II
4.7 Field Services
4.8 Structural Steel Inspection

8. Ground Penetrating Radar Survey

Field of Specialization for TR, GPR, GIS, GPS and Total Station Testing & Survey Services:
In this age of Geographic Revolution and with an eye on the future requirements of the users, UMD 

along with its associates established state-of-the-art GIS, GPS and Total Station for very large scale

& Digital Mapping and ground Survey capabilities through adoption of latest Digital Mapping/Data
Generation Techniques. These techniques are designed to comprehensively address the following

types of tasks that are pertinent to the relevant projects.
1. Ground Penetrating Radar Survey
1.1 Utility Mapping
1.2 Sub surface Mapping
1.3 Underground Cable Locating
1.4 Archeological Survey
1.5 Underground Water Resource Survey
1.6 Identification of Buried Objects
1.7 Underground Metal Detection

2. Topographical Surveys
2.1 Geographic Information System (GIS)
2.2 Total Station & digital Levels Survey
2.3 Subsurface location surveys
2.4 2.5 GPS & 3D Scanning
2.5 Evaluation by surveying software’s

3. Earth Resistivity Mapping
Underground Utilities Detection and Mapping By SUE method using GPR and EPL Technology:
We are using SUE (Sub-Surface Utilities Engineering) survey process using GPR & EPL Technology in
combination of quality levels QL-D, QL-C, QL-B, & QL-A as per standard of American Society of Civil
Engineers (ASCE) standard ASCE 38-02/ PAS-128 (European Standard)


​ ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

UMD Enterprises is multidisciplinary consulting services firm along with its business & technical associates is at the leading edge of technology providing in an entire range of services in the field of Pile foundation, Concrete NDT Testing services Remote Sensing, Road maintenance, Topographical Surveying, GIS Mapping and GPR survey in Indian & Abroad.

The core strength of the company lies in the experience of the professional, access to the state-of the-art instrumentation, professional approach towards business and a deep understanding of Indian market.